1.1.1 The purchase price of the DOG is ………………………………. (including VAT) to be paid on or before time of collection or delivery of the DOG to the BUYER.
1.1.2 The Purchase Price does NOT include any delivery/shipping charge (if any) which is calculated separately.

1.2.1 The transport and/or export (shipping) fee (if applicable) of the DOG is …………………………… as per the attached quote and is subject to change due to uncontrollable delays. 1.2.2 Payment for shipping can be paid (i) simultaneously with the purchase price, or (ii) 10 days prior to the shipping date.
1.2.3 The SELLER cannot be held responsible for something that is out of his control, as with placing the care and control of the DOG with an airline or ground shipper. The BUYER understands that once the DOG has been delivered to the departing airport or ground hauler, the SELLER is no longer responsible for its safety, health or well-being.
1.3 All payments should either be made by means of (i) cash, or (ii) electronic transfer (EFT).

1.4.1 The DOG will be available to the BUYER on …………………….. for (i) collection directly from the SELLER, or (ii) delivery via a shipping company
NOTE: in the case of puppies, this date is based on the estimation of when the puppy will be naturally weaned and ready to leave its mother. Typically our puppies stay with their mother for a minimum of 8 weeks from birth.



2.1 Upon full payment of the purchase price (including transport and export costs from point of departure where applicable) the SELLER will
a) promptly take all actions required to officially transfer ownership and delivery of the DOG to the BUYER;
b) ensure that all documentation for the registration, transportation, exportation and prescribed health certification of the DOG is submitted to the BUYER immediately.

2.2 The SELLER confirms and warrants to the BUYER that
a) he/she is the legal and true owner of the DOG and has full right and authority to sell the DOG;
b) all documentation concerning the DOG’s origin, pedigree and registration has been verified and processed by the relevant authorities/organisations.
c) the DOG is a purebred dog, offspring of the purebred sire and purebred dam set out on page 1 of the Agreement.

2.3 The SELLER confirms that upon leaving his/her premises, the DOG is in good general health and has been immunised and de-wormed according to the accompanying health record.

2.4 The BUYER confirms that upon collecting/taking delivery and leaving the SELLER’S premises, the DOG’s health and well-being is the responsibility of the BUYER. The SELLER is not responsible for veterinarian costs relating to illness and injury, which may occur after the BUYER, has taken delivery.



3.1.1 The BUYER agrees to provide the DOG with comfortable and humane confinement, including a clean, fenced play area or kennel, shade and shelter from the weather, proper food and fresh water.
3.1.2 The BUYER agrees to maintain the DOG in good health and provide routine preventative health care/vaccinations and treatment for parasites as recommended by the SELLER or the BUYER’S veterinarian.
3.1.3 The BUYER agrees to provide the care of a qualified veterinarian in the case of illness or injury and for preventative health care.

3.2 No replacement dog/puppy or refund will be given if the DOG has been bred, neutered or spayed.



4.1 Hip and Elbow Dysplasia:
The SELLER warrants that the parents of the DOG has been tested and examined by a certified veterinary institution for HD and ED with the results FCI D2 or better.

4.2 Vaginal Hyperplasia:
The SELLER warrants that the mother of the DOG has been examined by an authorised veterinarian and showed no sign of Vaginal Hyperplasia (VH). The SELLER does not guarantee that the DOG will not develop VH, or that future generations will not develop this condition.

4.3 Other Conditions:
The SELLER declares that to the best of his knowledge and experience, there are no other hereditary condition in the lineage of the DOG that may impair its functionality and longevity.



5.1 The SELLER cannot be held responsible for any problems in the DOG’S development, which arises due to environmental, hormonal or nutritional factors, as well as negligence on the BUYER’S part. The SELLER agrees to adhere to the caring recommendations for the DOG regarding feeding, general health care, training and exercise.:



6.1The SELLER guarantees that the DOG, when appraised by a qualified senior appraiser of SABBS at the minimum age of 12 (twelve) months, will attain a minimum score of 75%. OR The DOG is sold as a pet quality. Pet quality simply refers to the DOG being sold as a pet and companion only and not intended for breeding purposes.



The BUYER acknowledges that he/she fully understands and is bound by the contents of this contract as well as the Owners Guide to Caring for Your Boerboel.